I have moved!!!

I have moved

I have moved

I have moved my blog to http://www.ngportal.com/micadeyeye. Although I will retain this wordpress site,  updates will only be available on the new blog site.

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Call for Participants: The African Network for Localization (ANLOC)

I was wondering if anyone might be interested in this software localization project – http://www.africanlocalisation.net/call-applications-language-teams-2010. You could forward the blog-post to anyone you think might (also) be interested.

And I am more than happy to work with anyone, who is interested in the project.

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In Need of a Fedora Tech Guru for POSSE South Africa

Are you a Fedora tech guru in S.A. or any part of Africa? Or do you know of any in S.A. or any part of Africa? Please ask him or her to take a look at the information here – http://bit.ly/avrztf

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Spain 1 : Portugal 0

I was at the Greenpoint Stadium last nite to watch the Spain vs. Portugal match. It was not bad. The first half of the match was quite boring, but I saw a more tenacious spanish team during the second half of the game. Below are some pictures and videos I got from the match.

The Videos

  1. Welcoming both teams to the pitch (31MB)
  2. A short clip of the match (11MB)

I really did have fun!!

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More & More People & Firms are Getting Interested in TransferHTTP

It is nice receiving emails from people and firms about my project – TransferHTTP. I was contacted late last year by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle and Sun) on the project. And yesterday, Ribbit Corporation also indicated interest in my work. Below are the mails from both firms, most likely one of their developers.

Oracle and Sun

from B***d P* <B***d.P*{at}sun.com>
to transferhttp-owner@mozdev.org
date Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 3:08 PM
subject About the TransferHttp Project
mailed-by mozdev.org


A colleague of mine showed me this project and it looks very exciting to me.

We are working a converged application framework (http://sailfin-cafe.dev.java.net)
for writing converged web/sip services quickly.

I wanted to start using your plugin for some blogs and examples in the beginning. Would
it work with firefox 3.x? Do you have plans to create plugins for other browsers?


Ribbit Corporation

Subject: Transfer HTTP
From: M** Ta**** <m**.ta****{at}ribbit.com>
To: “micadeyeye{at}yahoo.com” <micadeyeye{at}yahoo.com>


Im wondering what the status of the Transfer HTTP project and if you had any plans to extend this to work on other platforms and browsers? At Ribbit we are quite interested in this kind of approach to Web Telephony and could possible help extend this work.


My response has always been the same. I currently do not consider developing the extension for other Web browsers/platforms. The implementation was a proof of concept. Although the site (http://transferhttp.mozdev.org/installation.html) does not contain the FF 3.x version of the extension, I could provide anyone interested with the installer/source code. I hope to push the FF 3.x version of the extension to the site soon. I am also very happy to work with the firm/anyone interested in extending the work. Both TransferHTTP and TransferHTTPController were released under open-source licenses.

If anyone is interested in seeing how the extension works, here is a demo on it – http://bit.ly/pQVKX. And for the control services or proxy, here is its demo – http://bit.ly/7XPhc

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Bagging the University Research Associateship Award

I was contacted few days ago that I will be one of the recipients of the prestigious awards in the UCT – University Research Associateship. Below is the mail I got from the Postgraduate Funding Office.

Dear Students

I have pleasure in advising you that the Postgraduate Studies Funding Committee have selected you as a recipient of the University Research Associateship, at the value indicated, to assist your research towards the Doctoral degree.

The purpose of the Research Associateship is to recognize excellent student researchers and support the work of supervisors.
In acknowledgement of your achievements, you will be presented with a certificate at a ceremony presided over by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research, Professor D Visser. You will be notified of the date and time of the presentation, which will take place during August 2010.
Lastly, a portion of this award will be transferred to your supervisor’s research fund. Please ensure that you the correct fund numbers are completed on the claim to not delay payments.

Should you have any enquiries please contact me.

Kind Regards

***ntel R***
Coordinator: Information Management Portfolio

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IPTComm ’10 – A Tough Decision on My Paper (2)

The last had not been heard from the IPTComm ’10 TPC, when they wrote me that my paper was rejected. I was surprised this evening to read that my paper has been accepted for presentation as an “Industry Talk.” That’s not bad. The Industrial Talks papers highlight innovative solutions and their impact and benefits for the community. This means that my work is one of those innovative solutions out there. Great!!! But I am not sure I would want to register the paper under that session. Below is the mail I got from the TPC.

From: davids{at}iit.edu
Subject: [IPTComm’10] Your paper #1569296037 (Quality of Experience of the HTTP Session Mobility Service)
Date: Fri, May 28, 2010 6:25 pm
To: “Michael O. Adeyeye” <micadeyeye{@}crg.ee.uct.ac.za>

Dear Mr. Adeyeye:

On behalf of the Technical Program Committee, we are delighted to inform you that
your paper #1569296037 entitled “Quality of Experience of the HTTP Session Mobility
Service” has been accepted for presentation at IPTCOMM 2010 as an “Industry Talk.”

The TPC selected 24% papers from this year’s submission as “Full papers” and
recommended an additional 4 papers be selected as “Work in progress papers.” The TPC
also proposed a group of 4 papers be presented as “Industry Talks” since their
content “highlights the innovation of the solutions presented, as well as the impact
and benefits for the community.” The “Industry Talks” session is intended to foster
feedback from design to research with a high level of discussion and exchange of

Your paper has been chosen as an “Industry Talk.” Congratulations on your
achievement! Please plan a half hour presentation, leaving some time for questions
and discussion. For more information about Industry Talks, please refer to
http://iptcomm.org/cfitd/index.html .

At least one author of each accepted talk must register for the conference by June
27, 2010. We will have the online registration page ready soon — please check the
IPTComm website (http://iptcomm.org) for updates on the registration process.

We look forward to welcoming you in Munich, Germany.


Carol Davids and Saverio Niccolini
IPTComm 2010 Industry Talks and Demos Co-chairs

Vijay K. Gurbani and Gonzalo Camarillo
IPTComm 2010 TPC Co-chairs

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